Cato Credit Customer Service

Credit Card

Cedar Hill National Bank is the service provider for the Cato credit card.

Please call the Credit Department Customer Service at 1-877-557-3526 for the following:

  • To obtain your Cato credit card account balance, available credit and payment information.
  • To report your Cato credit card lost or stolen.
  • To speak to a Credit representative about your Cato credit card account or credit application results.

Available hours to speak to a Credit Department Customer Service representative: Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

To make an automated Cato payment by phone, call 1-877-557-3526.

Or mail your Cato payment to:
Cedar Hill National Bank (CHNB)
P.O. Box 37902
Charlotte, NC 28237-7902

To view the Cato Credit Card Terms and Agreement, click here.

Certified Secure Commerce Site Service

ELECTRONIC CHECK PROCESSING. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. Funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day and you will not receive the check back from your financial institution. If your check is returned for any reason, you may have to pay a returned paymnt fee of up to $25.